What is the eduClip It Button?

The eduClip It button is a bookmarklet extension for web browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer 9+) that makes it easier to eduClip content that you find around the web, such as videos, flash content, articles, and more. 

The eduClip It button allows users to grab content in the following three ways

  1. eduClip It - This tool lets a user hover over the screen and click to select content specific areas or pieces of content (Can be videos, text, flash content, etc.) that they want to eduClip.
  1. Bookmark Page - This is a just a quick way to Bookmark the page into eduClipper.  eduClipper will create an image of the website and create a clip with the site's title.
  1. eduClip Text - This tool lets the users drag over and select text from a website to import into an eduClip. This is a great way to grab quotes and pieces of articles.

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